Handheld monoparameter

Discover Aqualabo’s NEON handheld monoparameter instruments, your fast and modern solution for water quality monitoring. They offer a comprehensive approach to water analysis for the most controlled and vital parameters: pH,  dissolved oxygen or conductivity.

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A range of high-performance monoparameters

Choose from 3 versions, the pH-meter for pH but also ORP and temperature measurements, the OPTOD oximeter, dedicated to DO and temperature or C4E version for conductivity/salinity. The NEON is a compact marvel that delivers precision in measuring, all within a rugged, waterproof design. With seamless Wi-Fi data transfer, an incredible 30,000 data point capacity, and more, NEON is the epitome of user-friendly, reliable water quality control.

Portable monoparamètre

Handheld pHmeter

Aqualabo’s NEON PHEHT handheld measuring instrument, is a modern water quality control solution for precise pH, ORP and temperature monitoring, featuring intuitive handling, 30,000 data points recording and Wi-Fi transfer.

Handheld Oxymeter

Featuring advanced optical luminescence technology, Wi-Fi data transfer, a robust design, a built-in barometer, the cutting-edge handheld NEON OPTOD is your go-to for dissolved oxygen measurement, ensuring precise water monitoring.

Handheld Conductivity meter

The NEON C4E handheld device measures temperature, conductivity and salinity of water.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       A portable, modern, intuitive device, it stores up to 30,000 data points downloadable via Wifi.

Why use a handheld monoparameter instrument like the NEON for water quality control?

The goal is to utilize a monoparameter design for speedy and efficient monitoring of the two key parameters, pH and DO, vital to most areas and applications. The monoparameter emphasis guarantees an economical and simplified approach to monitoring. Measuring instruments like NEON, designed with contemporary users in mind, provide effortless and prompt handling, epitomizing practicability for water quality control. A handheld monoparameter becomes an essential tool for efficient, accurate, and hassle-free management of water quality. It enables users, whether novices or experienced professionals, to get quickly and easily started.

Main applications of NEON handheld monoparameter instrument

NEON’s versatility extends across a spectrum of applications, catering to specific water quality monitoring needs. For the NEON PHEHT version, optimized for pH and ORP measurements, it excels in surface water and groundwater monitoring, as well as in the treatment of urban and industrial wastewater. The NEON OPTOD version, dedicated to dissolved oxygen measurement, finds its niche in fish farming (RAS, pond, offshore cage), aquaculture industries, and aquariums but can also be used in wastewater process control. Whether ensuring optimal pH levels or monitoring dissolved oxygen, NEON proves indispensable, offering a tailored solution for a myriad of water quality control scenarios.

Technology and measurement principles used by the NEON for water control

NEON uses our durable and rugged probes for demanding field applications, so you can be confident it will not let you down. The pH meter features a pH electrode that utilizes advanced sensor technology and ensures reading accuracy and stability thanks to an Ag/AgCl reference and “PLASTOGEL”® electrolyte. The Oximeter uses ASTM International Method D888-05 & ISO 17289:2014 for optical dissolved oxygen measurements. Both state-of-the-art technologies ensure reliable, accurate readings without the need for consumables or frequent maintenance, making NEON a modern, efficient, and sustainable choice for water quality monitoring in a variety of applications.

Why use and trust Aqualabo’s NEON handheld monoparameter pH-meter and DO-meter?

Both versions of NEON feature a modern design, an intuitive interface, and robust sensors for demanding field applications. Long battery life allows you to carry out numerous checks on the move, while the IP67-rated housing ensures resistance to the harshest environments. Depending on your needs in the field, you can choose specific cable lengths. The NEON offers a remarkable 30,000 data point recording capacity and Wi-Fi download for data management. The NEON OPTOD oximeter includes a built-in barometer for high-precision readings. The whole package is based on state-of-the-art, proven technologies, guaranteeing the accuracy and reliability of your water quality measurements.


NEON Handheld Monoparameter FAQ

NEON PHEHT minimizes maintenance needs, and its consumables are limited to standard pH calibration solutions, ensuring cost-effectiveness and ease of use. The electrode cartridge is to be replaced every 12 to 18 months, according to use.

NEON's Auto Off function, with customizable time intervals, optimizes power usage, providing extended battery life for uninterrupted monitoring.

Yes, the OPTOD sensor's innovative optical luminescence technology is adept at accurate dissolved oxygen measurements even in environments with minimal water circulation.

NEON offers interval recording functionality, allowing users to capture data at specified time intervals, providing a comprehensive view of variations in water parameters over time.

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