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Discover our variety of fixed digital multi-parameter measuring instruments as well as our single- and multi-parameter hand-held devices, and our stand-alone LoRa IoT-type modules to monitor water quality. AQUALABO provides synergy between smart features and data security, as well as exceptional storage, transfer and battery life.


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Our measuring devices for optimal monitoring of your water quality.

Combined with our smart and energy efficient digital sensors, our hand-held field options deliver outstanding battery life and memory capacity to meet all your requirements. The LoRa radio network ensures immediate transmission of data to offer optimal monitoring of your installations.

acteon 5000

Multi-parameter transmitter

Explore our simple and intuitive multi-parameter digital transmitters for accurate and user-friendly measurement.

Single-parameter hand-held devices

Discover our new range of compact, sturdy, user-friendly, single-parameter hand-held devices that simplify your operations.

Multi-parameter hand-held devices

Explore our multi-parameter hand-held devices that combine outstanding storage capacity with exceptional battery life.

IoT LoRa

Discover our stand-alone module options with data transfer using LoRa WAN radio waves

Why use a field oximeter to measure water quality?

There are several advantages to using a field oximeter to measure water quality. Firstly, this instrument gives a quick and accurate assessment of the level of dissolved oxygen in the water, a crucial indicator of its quality. By providing real-time data on oxygen content, the oximeter enables rapid detection of variations that could indicate environmental issues or sources of pollution. Its portable nature also facilitates data collection in the field provides unmatched flexibility and ease of use when monitoring water quality.

What are the advantages of AQUAMOD LoRa standalone modules?

IoT standalone modules using LoRa radio waves offer extensive connectivity, ensuring efficient real-time data transfer. Their extended battery life reduces maintenance costs, while the flexibility of installation provides easy deployment in remote areas. These devices, which can be integrated into the IoT, enable centralized management, in-depth data analysis, and continuous water quality monitoring, to offer an efficient, cost-effective option for harsh environments.

Why use an ACTEON 5000 type transmitter for water quality control?

Using the ACTON 5000 transmitter, that can have dual digital sensors, to test water quality offers continuous real-time monitoring of key variables, thus providing rapid detection of variations and anomalies. The automatic transfer of data to centralized systems (via analogue, digital, AON, etc. outputs) is made easy to manage and thoroughly analyse in compliance with regulations. This automation reduces the need for continuous manual monitoring to save time and resources, as well as improve data reliability. In short, transmitters contribute to greater responsiveness and optimal protection of the quality of water resources.


Measuring devices FAQ

Each AQUALABO measuring device incorporates calibration menus to calibrate the related sensors. Given our expertise in monitoring water quality variables, the calibration steps are simple and intuitive. The results of each calibration are stored in the sensors, providing an on-going view of the probes’ ageing process. This feature makes it easier to support users with their maintenance operations, thus increasing the reliability of the devices.

All AQUALABO measuring devices are EMC certified. EMC certification, or electromagnetic compliance, certifies that a measurement device complies with established standards to minimize electromagnetic interference and ensure proper operation in a variety of environments. EMC-certified equipment must comply with predetermined limits for electromagnetic emissions and be sufficiently protected against such interference. This certification is vital to ensure measurement reliability, electromagnetic compatibility, and compliance with applicable regulations, thus contributing to the quality and accuracy of measuring devices.

Rental is possible for all our LoRa devices, fixed transmitters, and stand-alone IoT modules. Our range of sensors ensure advanced performance for any time frame, whether for measurement campaigns, temporary device replacement, or pre-purchase testing. Take advantage of the flexibility of our rental service to meet your specific monitoring and measurement needs

Both versions of NEON feature a modern design, an intuitive interface, and robust sensors for demanding field applications. Long battery life allows you to carry out numerous checks on the move, while the IP67-rated housing ensures resistance to the harshest environments. Depending on your needs in the field, you can choose specific cable lengths. The NEON offers a remarkable 30,000 data point recording capacity and Wi-Fi download for data management. The NEON OPTOD oximeter includes a built-in barometer for high-precision readings. The whole package is based on state-of-the-art, proven technologies, guaranteeing the accuracy and reliability of your water quality measurements.

The ODEON has a remarkable memory capacity of 100,000 points, including sample ID, user ID, date, and time for comprehensive data storage. Data can be easily downloaded and exported for further processing using the supplied software.

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