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Handheld Sludge blanket detection -NEON VB

The NEON Mud Veil precisely detects the level of mud in the settling works and measures the temperature.

Featuring intuitive handling, 30,000 data points recording and Wi-Fi transfer

  • Intuitive, simple and fast operation: immediate handling
  • Robust, waterproof IP67, lightweight.
  • Digital sensor technology: measurement reliability.
  • Optical measurement method without consumables

Data recording and transfer via Wifi

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Why trust AQUALABO?

AQUALABO, a French company, offers a combination of experience, innovation, international presence, adaptability, and ecological commitment, making it a trusted partner for water quality control.

FAQ Handheld Sludge Blanket dection NEON VB

NEON PHEHT minimizes maintenance needs, and its consumables are limited to standard pH calibration solutions, ensuring cost-effectiveness and ease of use. The electrode cartridge is to be replaced every 12 to 18 months, according to use.

NEON's Auto Off function, with customizable time intervals, optimizes power usage, providing extended battery life for uninterrupted monitoring.

Yes, the OPTOD sensor's innovative optical luminescence technology is adept at accurate dissolved oxygen measurements even in environments with minimal water circulation.

NEON offers interval recording functionality, allowing users to capture data at specified time intervals, providing a comprehensive view of variations in water parameters over time.