Stand-alone and on-line data logger

  • GSM Logger
  • Multi-parameter
  • Can be purchased or hired
  • Secure web access

Discover our LOG-AQUA stand-alone and on-line logger for monitoring water quality. It is multi-sensor compatible, suitable for the field and easy to install. Data is sent to a secure Cloud via the GSM network.

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Monitoring water quality has never been easier with the LOG-AQUA connected logger.

Connect several sensors to the same device (physical-chemistry, level, rain gauge, pressure, flowmeter, etc.), to limit your field trips and easily track your data remotely.

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Stand-alone GSM logger

Choose the connected option for all your applications

What is an on-line logger for monitoring water quality?

An on-line logger for monitoring water quality is a device capable of measuring and recording variables such as temperature, pH, turbidity, etc., and transferring this data remotely, thereby facilitating on-going monitoring and limiting field trips.

Does it have GPS tracking?

Our LOG-AQUA logger has automatic GPS positioning integrated in the device and viewable on the web interface.

Is it easy to install and look after?

The logger is simple to set up and accessories are provided to help install the housing and its GSM aerial in the field. It requires almost no maintenance. The only component to be replaced (when flat) is the internal lithium battery.

Do I need to download software to view the recorded data?

No software download is required. The data are viewable on a secure web interface. This means there are no computer driver or administrator authorization issues!

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FAQ - LOG-AQUA stand-alone on-line logger

PONSEL sensors connected to our stand-alone logger can be calibrated via our 4200 calibration module, combined with our CALSENS software. An average value of 1 will be indicated at the end of the calibration sequence.

Our team does not have access to user passwords. However, in order to provide technical support and best assist its customers, it has access to the various interfaces and data collected by the logger.

You can see the battery charge status at a glance on the secure web interface for peace of mind, so you can organize its replacement when needed and avoid any data loss!

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