• Available on 5 continents
  • Unique bacteria tracking option
  • UV measurements without reagents
  • Manufacturer since 1950

AQUALABO is an expert in instrumentation for water quality monitoring, which offers a diverse range of on-line analyzers, multi-parameter probes and hand-held devices. This comprehensive range can monitor many variables such as organic matter (SAC254, COD, TOC, BOD), nitrates, SS, as well as some bacteria (E-coli, coliforms, enterococci, and total bacterial activity) as well as water toxicity.

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Our on-line or hand-held analyzers

Alternative measurement technologies to those used in the laboratory, such as direct UV measurements or fluorescence-based detection of specific enzyme activity in our analyzers, offer much faster results than conventional analytical methods. This speed enables more efficient process management and enhanced monitoring on location, affording increased responsiveness.



Discover our range of multi-parameter probes and UV analyzers to monitoring your COD, TOC, BOD, UV254, NO3 concentrations


Our solutions to measure bacterial activity on-line


Explore our analyzers to monitor the toxicity of your water

Analyzer FAQs

As part of our ongoing commitment to optimizing our analyzers, each product incorporates an automatic cleaning system. This mechanism uses solutions specifically designed to prevent clogging of the measuring cells or air cleaning to provide optimal performance of our devices while ensuring low maintenance.

The results provided by our analyzers can be compared with measurements obtained by standard laboratory methods, especially for variables such as COD, TOC, BOD, N03, etc. This comparison increases the reliability of the results and aligns our instruments with laboratory measurements, including conventional microbiological methods (E-coli, coliforms, enterococci, total bacterial activity).

BACTcontrol can measure E-coli, Coliforms, Enterococci, and total bacterial activity.

Vibrio fischeri is sensitive to diverse environmental stressors, including heavy metals, organic pollutants, and various chemicals. The range of detectable contaminants depends on the organism's characteristics and test conditions, but, generally, it is sensitive to around 5000 chemical substances.

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