Handheld Multiparameter

Discover the ODEON, Aqualabo’s cutting-edge solution for water quality control, meticulously crafted to meet international standards. This handheld multiparameter instrument seamlessly combines ruggedness with digital intelligence, boasting the ability to measure physicochemical parameters with our wide range of DIGISENS probes and over 40 additional parameters using our innovative PHOTOPOD photometer.

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Exceptional battery life and memory capacity

With exceptional memory capacity, ergonomic design, and a user-friendly interface, the ODEON ensures reliable and flexible water quality monitoring in any environment, all while maintaining an IP67 resistance, safeguarding its performance in challenging conditions.

Portable multiparamètres ODEON

ODEON Handheld Multiparameter

The ODEON is a handheld multiparameter water quality monitoring instrument. IP67 rated, resistant, reliable, and flexible, it measures up to 7 physicochemical parameters and is upgradeable with a photometer.

Why use a water quality control handheld multiparameter like the ODEON?

A handheld multi-parameter instrument such as the ODEON is designed to maximize efficiency and convenience when testing water. Its handheld design allows for immediate, intuitive use with a large backlit display and automatic probe recognition. Whether in the field or in the lab, the ODEON’s versatility shines through, providing real-time measurements for critical and multiple parameters. It is the best way to reduce downtime, increase accuracy and streamline your water monitoring processes.

Main applications of ODEON as a water quality multiparameter measuring instrument

ODEON is the go-to solution for water quality across diverse applications, excelling in both lab and field conditions. A wide range of sensors enable comprehensive monitoring in wastewater, drinking water, seawater, rivers, process water and more. This versatility makes ODEON indispensable for environmental professionals, operators and researchers, revolutionizing water quality control. As an example, it proves adaptable in environmental protection and public health, for applications such as river monitoring in field studies, precise analysis of drinking water or process control in drinking and wastewater treatment. ODEON’s features make it the perfect companion when you need durable equipment you can count on, even in the toughest environments. Last but not least, the ODEON’s large memory and low-power sensors allow you to use it for extended monitoring campaigns if needed.

Technology and parameters available with the ODEON

ODEON combines with digital probes to provide the best and most reliable water quality measurement. This unique handheld multiparameter gives you access to one of the widest ranges of sensors available on the market: from optical sensors for TSS, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, or physicochemical sensors for pH, ORP, conductivity, salinity, total dissolved solids to a photometer, it gives you all in a single, comprehensive package. Its breathtaking 100,000 data point memory makes your ODEON a true data logger that you can trust and program in the field to retrieve the critical data you need.

Why use and trust Aqualabo’s ODEON handheld multiparameter?

The ODEON’s has been the most recognized choice among demanding professionals for many years. Its compatibility with smart sensors and a photometer gives you access to a complete analysis platform that you can use wherever you need it. Great durability and design, best-in-class sensors and ease of use are the features that make the ODEON an efficient and reliable partner.

Portable multiparamètres ODEON

ODEON Handheld Multiparameter FAQ

The ODEON exhibits an impressive autonomy of 145-190 hours, depending on the configuration, ensuring extended use in the field. It endures up to 200 hours with standard batteries in economic mode, ensuring prolonged usage without frequent recharging.

The ODEON has a remarkable memory capacity of 100,000 points, including sample ID, user ID, date, and time for comprehensive data storage. Data can be easily downloaded and exported for further processing using the supplied software.

The ODEON is rated IP67, ensuring robust resistance to water and dust, making it suitable for diverse and challenging environmental conditions.

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