Boilers & Cooling towers

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Thanks to their physical-chemical properties, water and its steam are very efficient carriers of calories or cold used in most heat exchange systems. Water is an essential element in both urban and industrial systems.

Special attention has to be paid to the quality of water because these installations may be confronted with many different problems.

Phenomena such as scaling, corrosion, foam build-up and priming are all types of deposits that must be avoided to ensure the efficient operation and durability of equipment. Water treatment makes it possible to control the advent of these phenomena. However, it is still necessary to ensure the effectiveness of treatment and to implement key parameters by performing adequate analyses.

Hardness, alkalinity, pH, iron, chlorides, silica, etc., are all elements to be carefully monitored. AQUALABO has had expertise in water analysis for several decades. ORCHIDIS, its range of reagents and analysis kits, is the benchmark brand for analysing Boilers and Cooling towers. Our sensors and their terminals, as well as the supplementary remote management functions make the Aqualabo offer the most comprehensive on the market.