Flow rate and level measurements

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Discover our devices to measure level and flow: Ultrasonic flowmeters, venturi channels, and piezometric probes.

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Our devices for level and flow measurement

Portable or stationary equipment that is tailored to your installations and various applications: Industrial water, wastewater, groundwater, natural water, aquaculture, etc.

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Go for reliability and choose the flowmeter, that best suits your job, from our extensive range.

US-level sensors

Choose the right ultrasonic sensor for your needs, whether for basic level measurement or flow measurement

Venturi channels, overflow and threshold gauges

Select the most suitable device for your worksite from our range of venturi or metering channels, overflow or threshold gauges

Groundwater level measurement

Choose simplicity with our manual CORAL or DELTA probes for on-the-spot groundwater level measurement campaigns in piezometers or wells,

Why is it important to measure water flow?

Measuring water flow is essential to ensure efficient management of water resources, optimize the use of infrastructures, prevent flooding, supply drinking water and assess environmental impact.

How do I measure flow using a water level measurement?

Measuring flow from the water level involves using instruments such as pressure or ultrasound sensors. The flowrate of a stream can be estimated by combining these data with hydraulic models (height/flow curves).

How do you measure the water level of groundwater?

The water level of groundwater is measured via piezometers, tubes fitted with sensors. The data obtained is used to help in the sustainable management of water resources, preventing overuse, ensuring the safety of drinking water supplies and protecting the environment.


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FAQ on flow measurement

For the best results, place the ultrasonic flowmeter upstream of the venturi channel, threshold or overflow gauge, where the flow rate is most stable. Avoid turbulent areas and ensure a sufficiently long straight section upstream and downstream. Mount the flowmeter at a distance and exact angle, according to our recommendations. Accurate calibration is also required for reliable measurements.

The choice of venturi channel or metering model will depend on several factors: the maximum expected flow rate in m3/h or L/s, type of fluid passing through the channel (clear or loaded), and installation conditions (U-shaped pipe, limited space, ability to carry out civil engineering or not, etc.)

To measure accurately, lower the tape or probe slowly until it reaches the surface of the water, avoiding sudden movements. Then read the depth on the tape measure as the probe emits a light and/or sound signal.

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