Design & Manufacturating

Our Development and Manufacturing services, based at two sites in France, specialize in instrumentation and analysis reagents for water quality control. This geographical proximity optimizes the transfer of products to our industrialization processes, benefiting from their respective specialties.


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French Design and Manufacture for more than 70 years
Technical Support and Internal Service
Global presence, network of distributors
ISO 9001 certified company
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Designing equipment and reagents dedicated to water quality control:

AQUALABO is committed to developing innovative cost-effective solutions for its clients in France and abroad. Our multidisciplinary team of engineers, experts in electronics, chemistry, software, mechanics, optics, and data processing, forms the foundation of our ability to address the complex needs of the market.

Certified Manufacturing Sites:

AQUALABO is an ISO 9001 certified company that demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement, implemented across all our services. Our teams adhere to meticulously documented and monitored manufacturing procedures, ensuring our clients consistent and reliable product quality.

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Flexibility and adaptation to your requests:

AQUALABO, with its Development and Manufacturing services, provides customized and certified solutions to meet your water quality control needs. From mechanical engineering to software development or specialized analyses, contact our sales department to discuss your request.

Why Trust Aqualabo?

Aqualabo, an expert in the design, manufacturing, sale, and rental of instruments and analysis reagents for water quality control, has been supporting its clients for over 70 years with globally recognized brands.

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