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To optimize the quality, ensure regularity, produce wines with the style and predefined characteristics means a stringent quality control first and foremost and testing at the various stages of preparation.

Aqualabo provides equipment, genuine decision-making support and management tools, forming one of the solutions to achieve these objectives:

Monitoring and following up on wine-producing waste

The wine production activity generates effluent that pollutes the natural environment by adversely affecting the quality of the waterways. Consequently, appropriate instrumentation is an essential tool for the recovery and treatment of this effluent before discharge into the natural environment. 

In addition to quality measurements (pH, oxygen, turbidity, etc.), physical testing (flow rates, volumes, etc.) and automatic sampling, AQUALABO due to its vast experience of communication equipment ensures the thorough implementation of reliable monitoring of your facilities.

Winery process

Quality testing and monitoring during the stages of the Winery process is essential to ensure high quality wine, consistent with its own specific characteristics.

For all physical-chemical measurements (redox, turbidity, conductivity, etc.), measurement or supervision level, AQUALABO covers all of your needs for comprehensive and real-time monitoring of the process.

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Oenological analyses

Controlling the quality of the wines thanks to reliable and accurate equipment, this is the main objective to add value to its production.

From the bunch of grapes to the market, AQUALABO offers a range of instruments and reagents for Winery and oenology.Customizing these reagents on behalf of your company or manufacturing them according to your own formulations is another service we offer.