Measuring chains

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Discover our comprehensive measurement options to monitor the quality of your installations: water sampling, flow measurement, level measurement, venturi channels, physical-chemical monitoring… Suitable for all types of applications and all types of water, to ensure your worksites are monitored effectively.

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Our measuring chains

From the supply and commissioning of equipment to training, AQUALABO offers turnkey options. Our devices ensure reliable, optimal monitoring for all your measurements of industrial waste, wastewater, drinking water, natural water, aquaculture, etc.

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Flow measurement

Select the most suitable instruments to measure flow on your worksites


Discover our range of automatic samplers. Opt for quality, sturdiness and high performance whether portable or stationary, isothermal or refrigerated.

Stand-alone on-line logger

Discover our multi-parameter on-line logger for continuous measurement of water quality variables

FAQ about our measuring chains

A measuring system generally comprises an automatic sampler, a measuring unit such as a venturi channel, an overflow or threshold gauge; an instrument to obtain the flow rate using level measurement; and a device to collect physical-chemical data.

AQUALABO supplies, commissions and provides training for its devices. But the equipment must be physically installed at the measuring site, hydraulically and electrically connected before we can commission it.

Absolutely, our Ultrasonic level sensors can be paired with various primary devices to measure flow accurately. Common configurations include integrating ultrasonic sensors with flumes or weirs. Additionally, in combination with advanced control units like the Ultra4 for open-channel flow applications, ultrasonic sensors can provide high-precision measurements.

Customized weirs and gauges are designed to meet the specific characteristics and requirements of each installation site. Each site may have unique hydraulic conditions in terms of flow, channel geometry, topography, etc. Our custom-built elements are engineered to precisely match these characteristics.

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