Equipment rental for on-site water quality monitoring.

For punctual or long-term measurement campaigns, or to test equipment, trust Aqualabo for your rental projects. Wastewater, surface water, natural water, aquaculture… explore our range of samplers, flow meters, portable recorders, LoRa solutions, low-power sensors, online analyzers, and digital transmitters.

Equipment reservation by the week or longer according to your needs.

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French Design and Manufacture for more than 70 years
Technical Support and Internal Service
Global presence, network of distributors
ISO 9001 certified company
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For over 15 years, we’ve been renting out a significant portion of the equipment we manufacture and take pride in supporting your projects.

Why not consider renting?

-No capital tied up
-Fulfill an urgent need to expand your equipment fleet
-No equipment maintenance required

AQUALABO offers a wide range of measurement chains for rent:

Physico-chemical sensors: pH, turbidity, conductivity/salinity, dissolved oxygen, sludge blanket, TSS, COD/BOD/TOC, redox…
Portable device with display for on-site measurement (manual or recording mode)
GSM-enabled data logger for continuous monitoring
Real-time monitoring solution via LORAWAN
Portable isothermal or refrigerated samplers, single or multi-bottle
Portable flow meters (height/velocity, transit time, or bubble to bubble)
Online analyzer for bacterial activity monitoring, BACTCONTROL
Online UV-Vis alert analyzer, STAC2
Fixed transmitter

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Our Commitments

We ensure continuous and rigorous control under ISO 9001 certification. After each use, the equipment is cleaned, disinfected, and tested on test benches before being returned to stock.
Control and compliance certificates issued upon request.
A standard exchange is carried out within 24 hours in case of breakdown during the rental.

Why Trust Aqualabo?

Aqualabo, an expert in the design, manufacturing, sale, and rental of instruments and analysis reagents for water quality control, has been supporting its clients for over 70 years with globally recognized brands.

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