IoT LoRa

Discover our innovative IoT solution for water quality measurement and control: the AquaMod, a cutting edge LoRaWAN module. This compact, autonomous wireless device seamlessly integrates with our range of digital sensors, offering real-time data on vital parameters like temperature, pH, and dissolved oxygen among others.

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Discover our communicating and autonomous solution for real-time monitoring of your measurements

Engineered for efficiency, AquaMod provides secure communication with a minimum autonomy of 2 years. It simplifies complex monitoring tasks in applications such as aquaculture, water treatment, and environmental monitoring. Taking advantage of LoRaWAN technology the AquaMod solution ensures reliable and hassle-free water quality control at a very competitive cost.

IoT LoRa


AquaMod revolutionizes water monitoring with its self-sufficient LoRaWAN module ensuring efficient, reliable, and cost-effective real-time surveillance for IoT ecosystems. Offering a 2-year minimum autonomy, wide coverage, and secure network communication.

Why choose an IoT solution such as Aqualabo's AquaMod LoRaWAN module for water quality monitoring?

Choosing Aqualabo’s AquaMod for water quality monitoring means embracing a state-of-the-art IoT solution. Such a device enables real-time data acquisition and transmission. This kind of IoT communication eliminates the complexities of traditional solutions, requiring only an internet browser for operation. This technology ensures low-power, long-range communication: LoRaWAN, or Long Range Wide Area Network, facilitates efficient, cost-effective data transmission over extended distances for numerous sensors over the network. An IoT solution such as the AquaMod also offers a user-friendly, energy-efficient approach to water quality monitoring, setting new standards for flexibility and convenience in environmental management.

Main applications of AquaMod water quality monitoring in IoT-compatible networks

Suitable for most applications, AquaMod is a versatile solution for IoT-enabled water quality monitoring networks. In aquaculture, AquaMod ensures optimal conditions for aquatic life in real time. The system is invaluable for environmental monitoring, ensuring easy installation and long autonomy for natural water environments. In drinking water management, AquaMod can be installed at any point in the distribution network. In wastewater scenarios, it can be used in lift stations to monitor sewage networks, while in treatment plants it monitors purification performance, influent and effluent, providing real-time data.

IoT and LoRaWAN technology in AquaMod

AquaMod is engineered as a compact, autonomous wireless module designed for collecting and transmit data from digital sensors. It boasts straightforward installation, being preconfigured in the factory for immediate operational readiness. Users can easily configure and diagnose the module locally through Wi-Fi and a user-friendly web application. he AquaMod module employs a local area and private LoRa® network, featuring low power consumption and an extended range suitable for battery-operated devices, ensuring long autonomy. Users own both the gateway and network, enabling direct data management from digital sensors to their platform. This autonomy eliminates communication costs, presenting a cost-effective solution for efficient LoRa® network utilization in data management.

Why use and trust Aqualabo’s AquaMod LoRaWAN module as the IoT solution for water Monitoring?

With a minimum of 2 years of autonomy, the module’s wireless communication extends up to 15 km in rural areas, ensuring cost-effective, long-range data transmission. A key aspect of the AquaMod is its ability to manage the sensor: calibration, local data access, communication configuration and diagnostics are all accessible via a local Wi-Fi hotspot that is easily activated with a magnet. Connect seamlessly to the interface without compatibility issues using any browser available on your phone, tablet or laptop. No need for fancy proprietary applications.

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With the AquaMod, there is no need for costly infrastructure such as a power supply or solar panel. Just install your sensor, turn on the module, and your data streams are online with no hassle. You can even move your sensor to another location whenever you want!

Yes, the AquaMod will automatically recognize any new sensor connected to it, offering flexibility for diverse water quality parameters.

AquaMod's interface is accessible from any Internet browser and provides an intuitive platform for sensor calibration, configuration, and local data collection.

Yes, the AquaMod is IP68 rated meaning a high level of protection against both dust and water and suitable for use in challenging environments where resistance is a concern. You can install your AquaMod wherever you want!

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