Our sensors and measuring devices

  • Established on 5 continents
  • More than 20 sensors
  • Energy efficient digital sensors
  • Manufacturer since 1955

We use know-how gained from over 75 years of experience to design sensors that guarantee water quality. Explore our wide selection of digital probes suitable for portable, field, and on-line measurement, or paired with dataloggers. Discover efficiency combined with technology.

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French Design and Manufacture for more than 70 years
Technical Support and Internal Service
Global presence, network of distributors
ISO 9001 certified company

Our sensors and measuring devices test water quality

We offer a range of over twenty sensors covering pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity and more. Suitable for various fields such as natural water quality, urban or industrial sanitation, drinking water and fish farming. Our devices ensure reliable and optimal monitoring for all your measurements

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Our sensors

Discover our hardy, energy-efficient and low maintenance digital sensors with open communication protocols for accurate measurements.

Our measuring devices

Discover our hand-held single/multi-sensor devices, on-line digital transmitters, and standalone modules via LoRa radio transfer

Sensor and measuring device FAQ

A sensor or a set of sensors should be calibrated to enable it to operate error-free with the greatest possible accuracy. The calibration process is set up to improve system efficiency and performance by reducing systemic errors. An accurate reading from a calibrated sensor can be used as a reference point. Any undetected inaccuracies in a sensor may lead to systemic deterioration. It is therefore essential to calibrate the sensor in order to ensure the accuracy of automated systems.

AQUALABO’s ACTEON 5000 transmitter plays a critical role in in-situ monitoring of water quality. It collects data such as temperature, conductivity, and oxygen level, and then transfers this information in real time. These devices facilitate continuous monitoring by enabling rapid detection of changes in water quality. Transmitters are essential for assessing the health of aquatic ecosystems, ensuring proactive management of abnormal variations and thus contributing to the conservation of water resources.

AquaMod is engineered as a compact, autonomous wireless module designed for collecting and transmit data from digital sensors. It boasts straightforward installation, being preconfigured in the factory for immediate operational readiness. Users can easily configure and diagnose the module locally through Wi-Fi and a user-friendly web application. he AquaMod module employs a local area and private LoRa® network, featuring low power consumption and an extended range suitable for battery-operated devices, ensuring long autonomy. Users own both the gateway and network, enabling direct data management from digital sensors to their platform. This autonomy eliminates communication costs, presenting a cost-effective solution for efficient LoRa® network utilization in data management.

Our other water analysis solutions