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  • 50 parameters
  • CMR-free options
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Discover our wide range of cost-effective and quick dropper and burette titrimetric methods. Also explore our advanced colorimetric methods for spectrophotometers and photometers, providing highly accurate measurements for effective monitoring of water quality and industrial processes

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Our titrimetric kits and methods for spectrophotometers/photometers

Our expertise covers almost 50 different parameters, including chlorides, sulfites, chlorine, and ammonium. Aqualabo highlights the importance of testing water hardness and alkalinity, due to their impact on instrument life and process efficiency. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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Water hardness testing

Explore our easy-to-use water hardness testing options.

Water alkalinity testing

Explore our easy-to-use water alkalinity testing options. Alkalinity TA (AT Alkalimetric title), Total alkalinity TAC (CAT Complete Alkalinity Title) or TA/TAC test kit

Spectrophotometers and Photometers

Discover our spectrophotometers and photometers endowed with water analysis methods. Equipment made in France.

Other parameters

We have expertise in almost 50 different parameters including chlorides, sulphites, chlorine, ammonium, etc. Please contact us for your specific requirements.
Examples of products you may be interested in:

  • Sulfites kits and methods: 1 to 250 mg/l Na2SO3 or 1 to 159 mg/L SO3
  • Chlorides kits and methods: Mohr, mercuric nitrate or CMR-free methods
  • A variety of Boiler test cases, with optional conductivity tester. Includes tests for hardness, alkalinity, chlorides, sulfites, silica, phosphates and others.
Autres parametres

Water test kits FAQ

Color scales use a visual comparison method to determine concentration. Simply add the reagents to the sample, place the cuvette and color scale in the comparator, then slide the color scale until you get a color match. Available variables include chlorine, phosphate, iron, silica, ammonium, nitrates, etc.

Aqualabo has optimized the colorimetric method by offering automated concentration reading options, with hand-held photometers and benchtop spectrophotometers. These precision devices allow effective self-monitoring of key water quality parameters such as chlorine, iron, manganese, chemical oxygen demand (COD), and phosphate, among others.

Our other water analysis solutions