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Immerse yourself in state-of-the-art water quality monitoring with the Aqualabo ACTEON 5000 controller – a stationary indoor or outdoor instrument designed for precision online water monitoring. Acting as a central hub, this controller seamlessly connects to a wide range of sensors, both analogic or digital, as well as to the advanced LOWTUS digital turbidimeter and the innovative STACSENSE probe.

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Digital multiparameter transmitter technology

Designed for versatility, the ACTEON 5000 transforms into a command center, providing real-time control of your process, all within an easy-to-use touch screen and rugged design.

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ACTEON 5000 on-line controller

The ACTEON 5000 is an on-line water quality controller that serves as a central hub for connecting multiple probes and process control. Designed for precision, it provides real-time multi-parameter monitoring.

Why use a digital controller like our ACTEON 5000?

Our ACTEON 5000 goes beyond conventional controllers, choose it for the ultimate flexibility in water quality monitoring. Think of the controller as an orchestrator that works in harmony with the sensors to put you in control of your process. Its adaptability to a wide variety of probes, including very specific ones of different technologies, means you can tailor your setup to meet specific analytical needs. Enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge technology, real-time data, and a reliable controller that integrates seamlessly into your process. Adaptability, precision, and real-time data are keywords in today’s water quality control. Using an advanced digital controller makes it all possible. Not just words, but facts.

Main applications of the ACTEON 5000 digital controller

Our controller’s adaptability extends to a wide range of applications. From drinking water monitoring to precise control in wastewater treatment, it excels. It’s a stalwart in monitoring parameters critical to aquaculture and the environment, where water quality is paramount to healthy aquatic life. In all applications, it provides real-time monitoring of various water quality parameters, including turbidity, dissolved oxygen, pH, ORP or conductivity. For wastewater applications, you can use the controller in conjunction with our advanced STACSENSE sensor, which uses UV absorption to correlate concentrations of TOC, COD and BOD – critical data to help you optimize wastewater treatment processes. Its versatility shines in any context where reliable online water quality monitoring is required.

Main features of Aqualabo ACTEON 5000

Using digital communication technology, the ACTEON 5000 controller has a wide range of inputs and outputs suitable for process integration. Using Modbus and Ethernet outputs ensures efficient data transmission. With a large color graphic screen that can visualize up to 4 measurements simultaneously, the ACTEON 5000 provides real-time data display. It features intuitive programming, pre-configured rules, and compatibility with our wide range of digital sensors. This makes it a plug-and-play, state-of-the-art controller. From compatibility with technologies such as inductive conductivity to optical fluorescence for dissolved oxygen and UV absorption in the STACSENSE probe, it provides a reliable, all in one online water analysis turnkey solution.

Why use and trust Aqualabo’s ACTEON 5000 online controller?

ACTEON 5000 is not limited to one application – it’s your all-in-one solution. Versatility is its strength. Few controllers can connect to such a wide range of probes. With over 50 years of sensor expertise, Aqualabo ensures that the ACTEON 5000 remains at the forefront of online water quality monitoring. Its advanced features coupled with versatile communication and data storage ensure interference-free, reliable measurements of parameters such as pH, turbidity, DO, conductivity, and TOC, among others. Integration with a wide range of probes gives you a flexible tool for your specific water quality monitoring needs, while maintaining the accuracy and reliability you need for your analyses.

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Controller FAQ

Yes, the ACTEON 5000 controller has a rotating memory of 10,000 data points. All recorded data can be downloaded via a built-in USB port.

Absolutely. The ACTEON 5000 offers customizable alarms, allowing users to set thresholds and parameters for immediate alerts, ensuring a proactive response to changing water quality conditions.
With an embedded PID controller, it's also possible to control external actuators or pumps based on a user-defined set point. This feature allows you to parameterize your own control loop according to your process needs.

The ACTEON 5000 can be powered by the standard AC 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz power supply, but there is also an optional DC version powered by 9-28 V.

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