ITOXcontrol is an automated biomonitor for acute toxicity testing based on the use of freshly and directly prepared bacteria from a luminescent culture, pre-cultured and maintained at 5ºC in ITOX. The bacteria, prepared by diluting a small amount of bacterial suspension, are mixed with the sample along with the reference water and exposed for 15 to 30 minutes. The light output is measured with a photomultiplier. ITOXcontrol uses Vibrio fischeri luminescent bacteria to test water according to ISO 11348 and ISO 15839 standards.

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Our options for monitoring the toxicity of water as an on-line analyzer or hand-held field analyzer.

The TOXmini is a user-friendly hand-held system for measuring toxicity in various samples. It automatically assesses the luminescent effect of Vibrio fischeri and reports toxicity. Suitable for laboratories (with optional cooling unit) and field operations with rechargeable batteries, it combines seamlessly with TOXcontrol due to the common use of reagents (lyophilized bacteria, control solution and positive test).


On-line analyzer for toxicity monitoring

Integrated on-line toxicity monitoring system

Toxicity measurement in a hand-held version

A standalone version for your spot measurements

Are toxicity monitoring devices based on ISO 11348?

The analysis techniques of the iTOX on-line analyzer and TOXmini hand-held device are based on ISO 11348, which specifies a test method using luminescent bacteria, such as Vibrio fischeri, to assess toxic effects in water samples. This test, also known as the luminescence inhibition test, measures changes in the production of light from bacteria exposed to a sample. The drop in luminescence is proportional to the toxicity of the sample. ISO 11348 provides detailed guidance on bacterial preparation, test conditions and interpretation of results. This standard provides a sensitive approach to detecting acute toxic effects on aquatic organisms, making it a valuable tool in assessing water and industrial effluent quality. It is widely used to ensure environmental compliance and the safety of water resources.

Why use the iToxControl online analyzer?

The use of toxicity analyzers, such as iToxControl, to monitor water quality has a number of key benefits. These devices detect contaminants early and in low concentrations, allowing action to be taken quickly before any danger to health and the environment. Some analyzers provide real-time results, ensuring on-going monitoring of water quality, while their ability to detect a wide range of toxic substances provides comprehensive coverage of potential pollutants. This early detection helps minimize health risks as well as save costs associated with existing methods. In addition, these devices ensure regulatory compliance, support proactive water resource management by identifying sources of pollution, and provide reliable data for informed decision-making. In conclusion, toxicity analyzers are essential to ensure clean and safe water that meets environmental standards and fosters efficient management of water resources.

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Toxicity FAQ

The luminescent bacteria used for the tests are Vibrio fischeri species, also known formally as Photobacterium phosphoreum. Vibrio fischeri is a marine organism, and consequently the fluid for these bacteria must be maintained at a salt concentration of 2%. Freeze-dried bacteria should be stored at -20°C in a freezer. In addition, during shipping/transportation, lyophilized bacteria must remain below 0°C. The cultures of luminescent bacteria can be stored by cooling in the luminescent bacteria test equipment at 5°C for one week without losing their sensitivity to pollutants.

The TOXmini, a user-friendly hand-held system designed to perform toxicity measurements on a wide range of samples and applications, has a memory capacity of 2000 points. By automatically measuring the luminescent effect of Vibrio fischeri, it provides a clear indication of toxicity in the test sample. This device is suitable for laboratory use. It can be combined with an optional cooling unit, and thanks to its built-in rechargeable batteries can be operated in the field. The data stored on the TOXmini can be downloaded to a PC using the appropriate connecting cable.

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